Chief Connects Business Partner Program

Cost-free benefits that you can start giving & getting today!

We are excited to share with your business our Chief Connects Program! As a part of Chief Financial Credit Union’s mission to be “more than money”, we are pleased to offer your company a relationship opportunity that “connects” you and your employees to all the benefits we have to offer you.

  • Chief will be present at your on-site employer sponsored events, such as Health & Wellness Days and Employee Benefit Fairs
  • On-site Financial Wellness Seminars
  • We will host a quarterly prize drawing for Business Partners when you schedule an event with Chief Financial
  • Chief will host periodic Business Partner on-site Appreciation Events
  • Your company will be eligible to participate in our Holiday Hope Promotion

On-site Financial Wellness Seminars

Chief Financial Credit Union will be able to provide Financial Wellness Webinars for your employees with two convenient sessions to attend. You will have multiple seminar topics to choose from, including:

  • Raising Tomorrow’s Savvy Saver
  • It’s Your Credit
  • Banking Basic

As a Chief Connects Business Partner, we are also excited to bring you Chief Financial Investment Advisors!  Financial issues are a leading cause of stress for a majority of American (64%). (American Psychological Association, 2015)  A properly designed financial wellness program benefits both the employee and the employer by helping to...

  • REDUCE stress
  • IMPROVE use of benefits
  • INCREASE productivity

Chief Financial Investment Advisors can make sure your company and employees are on the right track for the future by offering the following services to our Business Partners:

  • Retirement Package Evaluation and Advice
  • On-Site Financial Wellness Seminars
  • Estate Planning Information
Appreciation Events

In appreciation of the relationship between Chief Financial Credit Union and our Business Partners, we will host periodic events on-site at your business just to say “thank you”.  Whether it is sweet treats and give-a-ways or a healthy snack break, we will schedule a visit with you at your convenience to bring the credit union experience to your employees!

Holiday Hope Promotion

Chief Financial Credit Union’s goal is to inspire strategic partnerships between our employees, members and community partners. We boldly aim to be forever remembered for the good we did, the chances we gave, the opportunities we created and the lives we changed.

With that in mind, Chief has established a donation rewards promotion for our Business Partners who have hosted events with us during the calendar year.  Based on the number of events Chief has attended at the Business Partner, a donation will be made to a charity of the Business Partner’s choice in the amount of $50 or $100.

All of these employee benefits are provided to you by Chief Financial Credit Union cost-free!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with us to build a relationship, please contact Ashley Chambers, Business Relationship Specialist, at or (248) 253-7953.

*Seminars and webinars presented by Chief Financial Credit Union representatives are for informational purposes only. Employees are not qualified to give legal advice, financial advice or credit counseling.