About Chief Financial Credit Union

Chief Financial Federal Credit Union has been meeting the financial needs of our members since 1941. We have proudly maintained locations in Pontiac, MI while expanding into the Dearborn and Greater Rochester areas.

The Chief Financial goal is to be more than money. We have placed corporate social responsibility at the core of our foundation and intend to tirelessly work toward making our world a better place.


At Chief Financial Credit Union, "more than money" is not just a tagline. It is the company culture that we have created and the fuel that drives our mission. Our goal is to inspire strategic partnerships between our employees, members, and community partners. We boldly aim to be forever remembered for the good we did, the chances we gave, the opportunities we created and the lives we changed.

We believe:

  • Worth is not only measured with a dollar sign
  • Value has little to do with a bottom line
  • We can change the world one person at a time

It is the vision of Chief Financial Credit Union to have a seamless co-existence between the Credit Union, our members, our employees and the communities we serve. We strive for a "win-win-win" relationship between our members, our employees and our communities. To accomplish this, Chief Financial Credit Union:

  • Offers products and services that our employees are excited to share and feel good about promoting, while members have the confidence that we are providing them with the best fit for their needs.
  • Provides an opportunity for our members to donate back to local organizations through simple, everyday actions while benefiting from member rewards.
  • Stays true to our mission and seeks out ways to be "more than money" by engaging employee community service opportunities that allow for growth and relationship building with the community members we serve.
Core Values
  • Integrity in all Relationships: Strive to do what is right for the Credit Union, employees and membership with each interaction
  • Collaborate for Growth: Create an environment where everyone contributes equally to the success of the whole and all opinions are given the same weight
  • Transparency on all Levels: Continuous open and honest communication to create trust between the Credit Union, employees and members
  • Social Responsibility is Everyone's Responsibility: All employees of the organization should seek ways to help the members of the communities we serve to live a better life each day
  • Diversity Breeds Creativity: When we open ourselves up to acceptance of different perspectives we allow for new ideas to be created
  • Perseverance Leads to Answers: Never stop trying to find a solution