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RU Debit Card

Show the world your Rochester University Warrior Pride with your RU Debit Card from Chief Financial Credit Union! Sport your RU Debit while you earn awesome and FREE Kasasa® Rewards from one of our Free Kasasa Checking accounts!


About Our Relationship with RU:

We have had amazing experiences with Rochester University: from getting to participate at all the wonderful events RU hosts to being a part of the Garth Pleasant Arena and Lake Norcentra projects to helping students with their first checking accounts and auto loans.

What Does RU Mean to Us:

Opportunity: In the classroom, on campus, in the community or around the world; the academic, character and leadership excellence that Rochester University cultivates is creating the opportunities needed to change the world.

Why Do We Partner with RU:

We believe that education is only one piece of the equation. While we have seen the academic excellence cultivated by RU first hand, it has been the principled character, servant leadership and global awareness of their students, alumni and team that makes partnering with them irresistible. The whole team at Rochester University walks the talk and it is an honor to be able to be a part of what they do.