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Chief Financial’s Ashley Werkmeister wins Business Excellence Young Professional award

Rochester Hills, MI - Ashley Werkmeister, Director of Business Development at Chief Financial Credit Union, recently received the 2021 Business Excellence Young Professional Award from the Troy Chamber of Commerce. Thisawardhonorsa young professional who excels in both their career and commitment to community development and personal growth. Werkmeister won this prestigious award thanks to the votes of people and local businesses she has impacted through her work at Chief Financial.

“To have a leader like Ashley on our team is truly an honor,” said Cheryl Boodram, Chief Financial CreditUnion Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer. “This award is a great recognition of her hard work, both at Chief and in the community.”

Also named Rochester Regional Chamber’s Young Professional of the Year in 2019, Werkmeister is an advocate for financial literacy and empowerment working through her role at Chief Financial to offer classes, coaching and meeting one-on-one with local businesses and individuals to review their financial goals. In addition to her active work with the Troy Chamber, she was recently appointed chair of the Young Professionals of Rochester.

“I am honored to have been nominated alongside fellow outstanding Young Professionals, who raised the bar and stepped up when our communities needed it the most,” said Werkmeister. “It is humbling to receive this accolade and to be surrounded by such supportive individuals. I am excited for all that is to come in my career and professional growth in 2021!"